Getting Things Done

When you have an issue that needs to be resolved, you want it resolved quickly, accurately and professionally. This is even more important when dealing with delicate matters involving family conflicts, child custody disputes and estate planning.

You also want to be assured that your issues are being given personal attention and treated seriously — that you are not being taken advantage of by your adversary or the court system. You want to make sure you are not overlooking available options, caught unaware by unforeseen repercussions or leaving money on the table in a negotiation.

Aggressive Representation That Protects Your Rights

At The Law Offices of April S. Wilson, I will make sure your rights are protected — that no one takes advantage of you or treats you unfairly. My goal is to ensure you receive the fair treatment you deserve from the legal system.

I primarily focus on family law and estate planning issues, and have been doing so for over 13 years. I am proud of my reputation in the community as being a truthful, compassionate and aggressive advocate for my clients. I understand that the situation you are involved in is tough, and I work hard to reassure you that, as my client, you and I will develop a clear strategy, based on your particular situation and needs, that will help you through a difficult situation.

Resolving Tough Conflicts With Difficult Adversaries

As a former prosecutor, I have a strong background in litigation and know how to solve disputes through the adversarial process. No case is too tough, difficult or confrontational for me to confidently resolve in a manner that is beneficial to you. I especially enjoy representing clients embroiled in contentious divorce cases and getting justice for those who are victims of domestic violence.

At my law firm I handle a variety of cases, including those involving:

I understand that people often seek out an attorney in times of crisis, when things have quickly taken a turn for the worse — perhaps your rights have been denied, your financial support has been cut off or disputes with your spouse or significant other have become physical. When clients come to me, they know they will get a compassionate ear on the one hand, and an aggressive pursuer of justice on the other.

Contact me to get a tough, aggressive family lawyer on your side. Take that first step in getting things done — call my offices in Memphis, Missouri, at 800-639-8870, or reach me online by filling out my online contact form.