Your Champion In Custody And Visitation Cases

In Missouri, over 51 percent of all divorces involve children. On average, over 11,000 kids are impacted by divorce each and every year in Missouri. Although sometimes divorce can be amicable and in everyone's best interest, it is more often a painful, contentious and life-changing event for parents and children alike.

Determining who the children will live with and arranging visitation with the noncustodial parent are critical aspects of successfully resolving any family dispute. The best interests of the children should always be taken into account — and their rights to have a healthy, happy life should be championed by an aggressive, zealous family law attorney with experience.

Helping You Do Right By Your Children

At The Law Offices of April S. Wilson, I am a family law attorney who cares deeply about your case. I believe they should be protected at all costs, and I use an assertive approach to reach those ends when necessary.

In custody and visitation cases I always fight fiercely  for my clients, aggressively pursuing the best interests of both the child and the client. Factors I consider in developing a clear strategy for success in child custody disputes include:

  • Your wishes and desires
  • The children's feelings and preference
  • The best interests of the children
  • The financial means of both parents
  • The children's educational and health care needs
  • Whether there is a history of abuse or neglect
  • Whether the other parent has any mental or physical health issues
  • Whether the other parent has a history of chemical abuse
  • Whether the other parent might relocate or abscond with the children

And in child visitation disputes, I will present a strong argument on behalf of my client on issues involving:

  • The children's financial needs
  • The parents' financial resources
  • The standard of living to which the children are accustomed
  • The children's physical and emotional conditions
  • Specific details of the custody arrangement
  • Quality parenting time historically spent with the children

Taking A Strong Stand For Your Rights

Whether you are just starting to think about issues involving child custody and visitation, or you are embroiled in a prolonged, conflict-filled battle regarding you children, I am a lawyer who can help you get what you deserve.

Feel free to reach out to me online to tell me about your issue, or call my offices in Memphis, Missouri, at 800-639-8870 to talk about your situation and hear how I can help you move forward in your life.